Work Life Integration

Work life integration is when you can work and live with balance and not need to separate the two exclusively.  

How much time do we spend working?  The average person who works 40 hours a week from ages of 20-65, works a total of 10.3 years in his/her lifetime.

Work should be fun!  Many people talk about work life balance and never want to work after hours or on weekends, as it may interfere with family or social time. However, if people truly enjoy their jobs, then integrating work into their lives should only improve their quality of life, not detract from it.

Success requires elbow grease.  Ambition, dedication, determination, perseverance, and tenacity don’t just shut off at 5pm.  Try blending your work with the rest of your life instead of separating it and reap the benefits.  Work a 1/2 day on a Saturday here and there and then use the extra profit to plan a surprise getaway with your honey!

Do what you love and the money will follow.  Most people who are successful do not become that way separating their work from the rest of their lives. And most people who have jobs they love don’t mind working extra. The lucky people who view their job as more of a calling would choose to do the work even without pay.

Would you do your job pro bono?  I would and I often do, even on weekends and holidays.  But I’m grateful each and every day to have the opportunity to help the amazing people I get to work with.


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Autumn: A Time for Reflection

Fall back, Spring ahead.  As we are officially into the fall season, now is a wonderful time to think about your established routines. In your daily and weekly activities, what has been working for you to bring you joy?  What makes you feel unhappy and stirs negativity?

Choose Positivity.   Step back and contemplate what makes your heart and soul smile.  Then take a leap forward and embrace all that makes you feel good, healthy and joyful.  Lose whatever brings you down in your life, be it unhealthy eating patterns, unhealthy relationships, or bad habits like staying up too late at night on social media. Studies prove that stress brings on disease.   Stress reduction, however, is associated with improved health.

Commit to Health. Because you deserve to be healthy. Health is defined not just as the absence of disease, but as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (World Health Organization,  As your body prepares for the winter, take the HQHT challenge and do one healthful thing for yourself each day.

  • Take a walk
  • Meditate
  • Book yourself a massage
  • Do yoga for 20 minutes
  • Add extra vegetables to your diet
  • Join a gym

Enjoy the New England Foliage.  Just like in nature, plants rest and develop themselves internally to be able to showcase their strength and beauty in the Spring and Summer, we humans need to focus on our core and internal strength in the autumnal months order to be able to spring ahead later.  Be a leaf peeper and enjoy the season.  And don’t forget to get your flu shot!

Cheers to Health,


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