Social Skills Groups

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Social Skills Groups

Does your child struggle in social situations? Or have difficulty making and maintaining friendships, communicating with peers or even reading social cues accurately? Perhaps that person might benefit from a little extra help, but you didn’t know where to find it. There is help available; you just need to know where to go for it.

At High Quality Home Therapy, we offer social skills groups for people of all ages & diagnoses.
These well-structured, comprehensive social skills groups cover several areas and are led by skilled & licensed therapy professionals. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists, along with our licensed clinical social workers, exercise physiologists and personal trainers all bring skills to ensure that individual goals are met in a group environment.
Social skills groups often include participation in activities aimed at:

1. Managing Stress & Anger
2. Improving Flexibility
3. Developing Higher Order Cognitive Functioning
4. Understanding & Responding to Social Cues
5 . Improving Fine & Gross Motor Skills
6. Active Listening
7. Learning Turn Taking
8. Improving Social Cognition & Communication
9. Making a Good First Impression
10. Developing Eye Contact
11. Perspective Taking
12. Enhancing Pragmatic Language Development
13. Improving communication and conversation skills
14. Facilitating Social Entry & Transitioning
15. Coping effectively with others
16. Enhancing self-esteem

A good social skills group is only as good as the leader & make-up of the group, so sometimes you may have to try out a couple of different groups before finding the best fit. Also, it’s important to set your own expectations because change doesn’t happen overnight. All change requires work and repetition so if your child is in a social skills group, be sure to ask for feedback so you can encourage your child to practice the specific skills she/he learned at home and every day.

We are all unique and thank goodness for that! Life would be plenty boring if we all looked, acted, thought and behaved the same! So celebrate your child’s individuality and perhaps “quirkiness”. Bill Gates wasn’t so skilled at socializing when he was young and he did just fine in life, albeit his mother pushed him to develop his social skills from when he was quite early. If she were alive, boy would we want to hire her for High Quality Home Therapy!