High Quality Skin Therapy

High Quality Skin Therapy services offered in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

Skin Care

Skin Care services offered in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

Skin is the largest organ in your body. Because of this, caring for your skin can directly affect your overall health and wellbeing. Our aestheticians will assess your skin type and lead you in your dermal wellness journey. They will cleanse, tone, exfoliate, extract, hydrate, massage and stimulate your skin cells, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Skin Care Q&A

PROBLEMS BE GONE (45)                                                                                           125

Relax as our aesthetician transforms your skin! Our popular facial targets your specific needs with a personalized dermal analysis. Say goodbye to issues like hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, oily skin, or premature aging. The treatment includes pore-opening steam, exfoliation for renewal, blemish removal, a custom masque, light therapy, and our signature head-to-shoulder massage.


BOTOX WITHOUT THE NEEDLE (55)                                                                           150

Combat aging naturally with our anti-aging facial. Our skilled therapist hydrates, brightens, and firmsm your skin using collagen and advanced microencapsulation delivery. Eminence organic serum, packed with botanical extracts, peptides and antioxidants reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Enjoy light therapy and our signature head-to-shoulder massage for a complete rejuvenation experience.


DEEP CLEANSE (55)                                                                                      150

Experience our Blemish Control Facial for clearer, healthier skin. Our customized treatment includes deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, targeted extractions to unclog pores and remove impuritites, steam and high frquency. Our all natural, organic Eminence soothing mask will reduce inflammation and redness. Your experience will culminate with light therapy and our signature head-to-shoulder massage.


Add Ons

Dermaplaning  30

Glycolytic Peel  30

Microcurrent  30

Hydra / Microdermabrasion  30

Ultrasound  30