About Cara Ganser, Administrator

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapists located in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

Cara Ganser

Practice Administrator

Every great organization has someone amazing running daily operations. Cara Ganser is that person at High Quality Home Therapy! As practice administrator, Cara ensures we give you the best experience possible, from intake to scheduling to assigning the just right team of providers for your family's needs. Cara truly enjoys helping people, which aligns with the mission of High Quality Home Therapy to help as many people as possible receive the best physical, occupational, speech and massage therapy services, as well as exercise physiology / personal training, social work, social skills development and vocational training.

After graduating from Drexel University, Cara raised four children in Darien, CT and worked in management within the chemical, construction, non-profit and healthcare sectors. Cara's excellent interpersonal skills, understanding of hospitality based healthcare services, passion for excellence and strong organizational skills contribute to how we do what we do for so many people.

On her free time, Cara enjoys paddle tennis and hiking with her pooch.

We are grateful to have Cara work with us, and we know you will be grateful too!