Dr. Elissa Cunningham

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Elissa Cunningham

Dr. Elissa Cunningham joined High Quality Home Therapy full time in March of 2024 as Associate Director of Clinical Development. She has been involved in the company since it's inception.  Dr. Cunningham graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Movement Science in 1994. She then earned Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Occupational Therapy, and is currently persuing her MBA in healthcare administration. Elissa worked as an assistant professor at Sacred Heart University in their graduate occupational therapy program and most recently worked as a district therapy leader in the school systems. Dr. Cunningham's vast experience runs the gamut from pediatric through geriatric ages and she has worked with various medical and psychological diagnoses. Her particular expertise lies in working with neurodiverse populations, with a specialty in neuro-occupation and advocacy within neuro-diverse populations.

Dr. Cunningham is a national presenter on various topics such as neurodiversity, play and leisure, and flexible approaches to participation and function in contextual and lived experiences. She's been involved in quantitative and qualitative clinical research within occupational therapy and is a published author in both journals and books. Elissa consults regularly at various workplaces, schools and community settings to facilitate and expand opportunities for all individuals. She has designed and implemented program strategies that help support all individuals to reach and achieve their fullest potential in any setting.

Dr. Cunningham has demonstrated advanced clinical skills and leadership throughout her career and is responsible for advancing our pediatric clinical offerings here at HQHT and developing our clinical staff. We're grateful to have her help lead our team!