Matthew Fass, LMT, RYT, MS Acupuncture

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Matthew Fass, LMT, MS Acupuncture

Matthew Fass is an intuitive manual therapist who combines his love for healing, music and peacefulness with massage therapy and acupuncture. Matt has been improving lives with his hands here at High Quality Home Therapy since 2019 and recently earned his Masters Degree in acupuncture.

Matt Fass, LMT, RYT, MS Acupuncture has a unique style of manual therapy that incorporates his advanced knowledge of anatomy based on his studies in yoga at Integral Yoga in New York City, New York, massage therapy at Center for Connecticut Massage Therapy in Westport, CT and in acupuncture at Bridgeport University in Bpt, CT. 

Matt can relax and unwind even the tightest muscle. His selection of music to accompany his treatments is meaningful and complements the experience.

Matt is available in the office in Stamford, CT by appointment and in patients' homes throughout Duchess County, NY and some surrounding areas.