JR Meehan, MS DPT

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapists located in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

JR Meehan, MS, PT

JR Meehan is a Stamford, CT local with strong ties to the community. JR is an orthopedic therapist with a specialty in vestibular rehabilitation. JR’s likeability is high and he motivates people of all ages to achieve more than they expected!

JR works with patients in our Stamford rehab gym and sensorimotor clinic as well as in patients' homes throughout Stamford, CT. He is skilled in all aspects of rehabilitation - neuro and ortho alike. JR can help someone with a stroke gain independence, someone with back pain get rid of the pain and gain strength and endurance, someone with a bone fracture return to normal functioining, post concussion patient return to sport, someone with Parkinson's Disease gain motor skills, etc.

We are grateful to have JR on our team since 2016 and hope to have him with us forever, he’s that great!