Khrystyna Malchyshyn

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapists located in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

Khrystyna M

Rehab Aid, Manual Therapist Extraordinaire and Overall Wonderful Human Being at High Quality Home Therapy servicing patients and providing support to our team in Stamford, CT, Khrystyna Malchyshyn is a NY licensed esthetician servicing patients in Westchester, NY.

Khrystyna trained in Ukraine in physical therapy before obtaining certifications in nursing and massage therapy. She worked as a massage therapist for 10 years prior to emigrating to the US. where she found her way to High Quality Home Therapy. Khrystyna’s European massage style is both relaxing and invigorating, and if she could provide manual therapy all day long every single day, she would with great pleasure!

Khrystyna hands relieve stress and empower the body and brain to naturally heal itself.

Discover for yourself what everyone has been raving about. Step into HQHT and experience Khrystyna’s amazing healing touch - your body will thank you!