Dr. Michelle Broggi, DPT, PhD

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Michelle Broggi, DPT, PhD

Dr. Michelle Broggi’s reputation in the pediatric physical therapy world is amazing! At Quinnipiac University, Michelle serves as both Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Undergraduate Program Director of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Broggi earned her Bachelor degree from Quinnipiac and both Masters and PhD from University of Connecticut. Her areas of expertise include Pediatrics/Newborns, Children, Adolescent and Youth Education/Teaching and Learning.

Michelle has brought into HQHT the Go Baby Go program, which brings together doctoral students from Quinnioaice’s Physical Therapy program to modify rides on cars for children requiring special fittings and accommodations. She also served as a mentor to therapists working with pediatric patients with complex medical needs.

We are proud to have Michelle treating our patients at HQHT!