Nicki Mancusi, COTA

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapists located in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

Nicki Mancusi, COTA

Nicki Mancusi joined us in 2024 and is a seasoned pediatric occupational therapist. We're very pleased she is helping us in leading our summer programming at High Quality Home Therapy in conjunction with FITability in our Stamford Sensory Gym at 30 Buxton Farm Road, suite 230.

Ms. Nicki Mancusi is a superhero disguised as an occupational therapist! Nicki blends compassion with creativity, sprinkled with enthusiasm and a desire to help everyone she comes in contact with! Nicki's experience in skilled nursing facilities, schools and early intervention made her the perfect match for High Quality Home Therapy's new pediatric division! Nicki will be leading our summer programming, run in collaboration with FITability LLC. 

Nicki brings FUN & JOY to every therapy session she leads. 

As a certified occupational therapist assistant, Miss Nicki works with patients in our Stamford location, utilizing our brand new sensorimotor clinic as well as our rehab gym as well as in the community - in patients' homes throughout Connecticut. Nicki has extensive experience working with pediatrics and geriatrics. She has a passion for working with the birth to three population, children and adults with Autism and helping neurodivergent individuals achieve optimal functioning.

Occupational therapists focus on helping patients achieve health, well-being and participation in life through engagement in occupation. Occupational therapist assistance focus on interventions and outcomes. Nicki Mancusi is results driven and will help you or your family member achieve her/his/their goals.